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If you are looking for corporate housing, you have come to the right place! We offer short term living solutions for individuals, and corporations that need to relocate for any reason. Some of the most common reasons for relocating are:

Work-Related Relocation:

We offer corporate housing for those who are being relocated for work-related reasons. Many corporations use our temporary housing services to provide their employees with a stress-free relocation complete with furinishings and homewares.

Emergency Relocatons:

We are a perfect short term housing solution for those who recently experienced a natural disaster, and need to relocate for a short period of time. Our temporary apartments cost less than a hotel stay, yet provide you with more amenities than a hotel can provide. You, and your insurance company will be happy with our temporary housing solutions.

Health Care Housing Solutions:

It is not uncommon for hospital staff to need to relocate to another hospital. We offer corporate housing solutions specifically for healthcare professionals. We provide them with special accommodations. Please call us at 800-516-7356 if you are in need of a short term housing option in the healthcare industry.

Sports Professional Housing Solutions

If you are a sports professional, we understand that you have the need to relocate very quickly, and in a stress-free manner. We work with sports professionals to provide them with the best temporary apartment for their needs.

Our Corporate Housing is perfect for anyone looking for a short term apartment in the following states:

When it Comes to Corporate Housing,  We Provide you with the Full Package!

If you are in need of short term housing, no matter what the reason, we can provide you with a lodging solution with your needs in mind! Our corporate apartments come fully furnished, with a variety of different package options from you to choose from! We also provide you with homewares, so you won’t need to go out and buy plates, knives, forks, and even small kitchen appliances – they are all there, waiting for you to use them!

Better Than A Hotel Stay

You can get all the comforts of home at a reasonable price! Even better than most extended hotel stays! A furnished corporate apartment is a great alternative to hotel stays for individuals, and especially for families! Questions? Please call us at 800-516-7356 and ask about our nationwide corporate apartments.


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